Getting started

How does it work


Verify your email

To ensure that you are the owner of the email address, we need to verify it. Don't worry, this process is very easy.


Choose the honeypot template that you prefer

We offer a wide range of email templates, so you can choose one that matches your typical behavior.


Send the email to yourself

The final step is to send the email to your account, but do not open it or click any links within it. This will prevent triggering a false alarm.


Get a notification when the email is opened

Just wait, if an unauthorized person is accessing your emails, you will receive an SMS notification if the email is opened* or the link is clicked.


What are honeypots?

Just like coal miners used to bring a canary into the mines to detect toxic fumes, a honeypot can give you an early warning that someone is accessing your personal files.

In the cybersecurity world, honeypots are designed to appear as if they contain valuable information, but in reality, they are traps. Hackers or intruders will inevitably find and trigger them, so the owner is immediately notified.

This is exactly what BearMail does. The email we send you is your personal canary honeypot. When a hacker or other unauthorized user accesses your emails and opens or clicks the link in the honeypot email, you will immediately receive a notification.

Bono the bear holding a canary in a cage


How much does it cost

€ 2.00/ email
  • Get a notification on open*

  • Get a notification on link click

  • Does not expire

  • Free retry if triggered in first 24 hours

Coming soon
€ 4.00/ month
  • Ten emails every month

  • Schedule emails

  • Custom email text


Get in contact to discuss possibilities



This is everything you need to know about BearMail and how it works. If you can't find the answer you were looking for, please send us an email at [email protected]

* Please note that some email clients block email open notifications.